Pet therapy adds joy to patients and their families!

Pet therapy adds joy to patients and their families!

Alicia Harantschuk, president of Comfort Caring Canines, guest
lectured to our “Dying in the 21st Century” class, a solutions-based
approach to care for aging, terminally-ill, and differently-abled
people. Alicia was joined by two of her pet therapy pups, Vegas and
Maybelle. Studies repeatedly show the benefits of pet therapy—and we saw the
benefits firsthand in class! Thinking outside of the box to manage
pain, decrease isolation, and help with feelings of sadness and loss,
pet therapy offers much to patients and families.
Our class learned about pet therapy and how to integrate it into the
therapy and hospital settings. We also enjoyed watching Vegas
 perform tricks, including playing basketball!

Comfort Caring Canines Therapy Dogs, Inc. is made up of a dedicated
group of volunteers who share the love of their canine companions—
trained and tested Therapy Dogs—with others. Comfort Caring
Canines is a non-profit and offers free visits to community nursing
homes, child care centers, schools, hospitals, and senior citizen
centers in southeastern PA, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland

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